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“Micro Compressor” is a performance part that able to help your car to have better power, better mileage and longer engine life. Yet, “Micro Compressor” will not give any negative effect to your car engine.

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How Micro Compressor Works?

Theoretically, the mechanism operation of “Micro Compressor” can be categorized in 3 stages. In the first stage, the Micro Compressor will substantially absorb surrounded air to drawn in through air filter. In the second stage, the driven air will be split off by the 27 ways, air separator and subsequently penetrate at bottleneck point, thus the completeness of compression mechanism will perfectly fulfilled (refer figure a.) .In the final stage, the air accumulated in the cavity will be pressurized to go thru the point ‘A’ that contains the Neodymium Magnet. At this point, air magnetism process shall be take place; as a result the atom of the air will break into 2 components ion negative and ion positive. In the end, mixture of fuel and molecule with separated ion positive and ion negative. Therefore, it will make combustion mechanism completed more precisely, hence achieve superior result.

Recently, our company had sent one of our customer vehicle fitted with “Micro Compressor” for Gas Emission Test at Pusat Pemeriksaan Berkomputer Sdn. Bhd. (PUSPAKOM-recognized by Malaysia government). This proves that “Micro Compressor” is highly environmental friendly. Provided below is the graph and report of Gas Emission Test:-


Easy to fix (no modification on original engine)
Cheaper price compare with different types of compressor with similar functions
Suitable for all type vehicle
Maximizes energy
Saving your fuel up to 35%
Improve spark plug life
Improve torque

Increases car engine power +35%

Environment friendly
Smoother running engine, by promoting a more complete combustion
The combustion of the air and fuel mixture is more complete compare
    with the engine without micro compressor.
No need any supported accessories (can function well independently)
All the components inside the micro compressor function 100% mechanically
Won't make any noise to your engine
Won't cause any side effect to your engine
Small size component (compatible with all kind of engine)
Light, not bulky & easy for handling (hassle free installation)

How To Fix The Micro Compressor On Yours Vehicle?